full::Software Engineering Jobs in Utah

Help build the future of software.

We're on a mission...

At Userlite, we know that software magnifies human potential. We believe that in the future, teams and organizations will use hundreds of cloud apps created by thousands of different developers. We also know that the future of technology doesn't happen automatically. Someone needs to create it.

A world where everyone uses a lot more software from a lot more developers...

That's what we're creating at Userlite. 

Fun facts:

  • Founded in 2014.
  • Used daily by teams and organizations ranging in size from 1 to 1,000+.
  • Thousands of instances launched.
  • More than 100,000 users worldwide.

We're looking for people who catch the vision:

Apply Font-end Developer - Define, design, and deploy interactive experiences that convert, engage, and create real value for users.
Salt Lake City, UT

Required Experience: 3+ years launching and growing websites in the real world.

Front-end: Deep experience working with, extending, and designing JavaScript + CSS frameworks.

Apply Full-stack Web - Envision, launch, and grow core Userlite web apps.
Salt Lake City, UT

Required Experience: 3+ years launching and growing web apps in the real world.

Front-end: Deep experience working with, extending, and designing JavaScript + CSS frameworks.

Back-end: Full proficiency in one or more server-side platforms: Node, Python, Java, C, PHP, .NET, or Ruby.

Database: Working knowledge of application database systems, including MySQL, Memcached/Redis, MongoDB/Couchbase, etc.

Apply Mobile Developer - Deliver the value of Userlite to teams around the world through their mobile devices.
Salt Lake City, UT

Experience: 3+ years deploying mobiles apps with a deep technical knowledge of mobile application development (either Android or iOS).

Programming: In-depth programming experience in Java, Objective-C, Swift, or C++.

Architecture: Working knowledge of frameworks (Android, iOS, or XML), MVP design patterns and complex, reactive touch UI.

Apply Engineering: Analysis - Transform billions of data points into actionable insights.
Triangle, NC

Education: MS or PhD in Statistics, Mathematics, or Ops Research.

Experience: Substantial practical experience in data analysis.

Aptitude: Ability to draw conclusions from data, recommend actions, and design automated systems to repeat this process.

Mindset: Willingness to teach others as well learn new techniques.

Apply Engineering: Data - Design and manage big data storage and processing architectures that are fast, flexible, and highly available.
Triangle, NC

Education: BA/BS degree or equivalent practical experience.

Experience: 2+ years designing data models and designing/maintaining ETLs to process structured and unstructured sources.

Programming: One or more programming languages (Python, Java, C++, Ruby or Perl).

Apply Engineering: QA - Elevate product quality by automating build, testing, and deployment.
Triangle, NC

Experience: Track record designing/deploying testing and release workflows that enable multiple independent engineering teams to integrate product changes.

Tech Expertise: Deep knowledge of Unix/Linux environments. Extensive knowledge of internet protocols and technologies.

Programming: Coding skills in C, C++, Java, or Python. Excellent scripting skills in Python, Perl, or Shell.

Apply Engineering: API - Design and deploy revolutionary systems that tie teams, users, apps, and developers together.
Triangle, NC

Education: BA in Computer Science or related field.

Experience: 6+ years in software development building large-scale web services.

Programming: Proficiency in Java or C++.

Apply Engineering: Security - Apply the best security practices to innovative infrastructure platforms that push the limits of modern protocols and systems interoperability.
Triangle, NC

Expertise: Advanced understanding of security engineering, system/network security, cryptography, authentication protocols, and app security.

Experience: 3+ years experience in vulnerability testing, reverse engineering, and auditing techniques:

  • Developing automated security testing tools.
  • Working with red teams or capture the flag.
  • Using pen-testing tools (BurpSuite, Metasploit, Nessus, etc.)
  • Programming languages (Java, C++, or C#) and scripting languages (Python, Ruby, Perl, etc.)

Apply Product: Engagement - Identify opportunities and lead projects that accelerate user growth and engagement.
Triangle, NC

Experience: 2+ years experience in product analytics and growth strategy with consumer or enterprise products.

Analysis: Ability to run quantitative analysis via SQL querying, including statistical analysis on product metric data.

Aptitude: Ability to identify trends and craft strategies to support ongoing product iteration.

Apply Product: QA - Discover and articulate opportunities to elevate product value by applying design thinking and customer discovery.
Salt Lake City, UT

Education: Degree in Market Research, Consumer Psychology, Marketing, or similar field.

Experience: Working knowledge of market research best practices and methodologies for conducting interviews, focus groups, surveys, etc (both quantitative and qualitative).

Aptitude: Ability to effectively interact with teams and individuals across a matrix environment with strong skills in communication and negotiation.

Mindset: A customer-oriented mindset with the ability to empathize with product users, developers, owners, and other stakeholders.